A Conversation #1

Mr. Shecky: My Dear do you have Murray? Can you come here?

Mrs. Shecky: Yes, why?

Mr. Shecky: Just come here but hold Murray.

*Mrs. Shecky is on her way*

Mrs. Shecky: Ohhhh Geeezzzz, its a snake… and a rattler too! Get Back!!

Mr. Shecky: It is?! *He backs up and grabs Murray*

Mrs. Shecky: What am I supposed to do?!!

Mr. Shecky: I don’t know what to do!!

Mrs. Shecky: Either do I!

*Mrs. Shecky starts looking for anything, then decides to call 911*

Mr. Shecky: What the heck is 911 going to do? Can’t you do something?

Mrs. Shecky: *is thinking I could go grab a shovel and zing Mr. Shecky with it* Then…

Mrs. Shecky: *remembers her neighbors said if we needed anything to call* So she did…

Mrs. Shecky: The neighbors are coming to help.

*The neighbor who is a little minute of gal who is a mother to boot comes over with a shovel, a Home Depot You Can Do It Pail, and her father. They grab it by its end and POOF! Like magicians it is gone. *


Mr. Shecky *Is in watching tv with Mr. Murray*

Mrs. Shecky: Are you okay now?

Mr. Shecky: What do you mean?

Mrs. Shecky turns around and goes out of the room… and laughs her head off.

End of conversation at Sheckyville.

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