1. “because I can’t sit everywhere.” LOL!

    Are you thinking of a bench in the same style, or something completely different? An elaborate throne, or a simple cube, or a swing?
    Obviously, I’m living vicariously through your garden while my own backyard is dismal 🙂

  2. what if the bench was in between the arches and forward a couple of feet. that would give it more symetry. Not sure how it would affect the fung shei, tho…

  3. Balance is a perception. A stork (and I) can balance interminably on one leg, even at 69 (me, not the stork; I don’t think they live that long 😄).
    I think it looks great! If we ever viait you, it looks like it’s big enough for Anita, you and me.

  4. A bench is a wonderful thing. One of life’s wonders. You can sit alone, with a friend, with a stranger, in silence or conversation. Everyone should own a bench. When you have a bench, you have the universe.

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