1. Hi Mrs, Shecky! A friend of yours, capost2k asked me to drop by and take a look at your feathered friend. I have quite a bit of experience with birds. It is a red-shouldered hawk. Great pictures too!

    1. Yay! I am so happy to have that confirmed! He/she has been flying around and perching. I am wondering if it is a pregnant one searching for that nest. I have lots of birds and lizards.

      1. No, not pregnant yet, though I don’t know what part of the US you live. But it would be too early anyway. Considering the size, it is quite likely a female though, they are larger than the males. Small rodents and lizards too would be their main diet. But like most raptors they will go after whatever is handy.🙂

        1. That is great information. I live in So. California. A lot of the birds on the property are already starting to nest which is earlier than normal. This one has been hanging around for a couple of days. Maybe because of the property’s food, i.e., lizards, rabbits, etc.? Mr. Murray (my mini doxie dog) has restrictions now to when he can be out and lately he only goes with me. When I shot these photos I left him in the house. My brother’s little chihuahua was taken by a hawk but dropped. He survived and got a new name from Radar to Frankenrad from the stitches incurred. Their claws are like scissors. So I watch for that. I really appreciate your input here. 5 years on this property and I still learn every day of the do’s and dont’s.

          1. Oh, that’s different. In that case it might be ready to nest and maybe already has a nest in the area. Yes, hawks will go after small pets and those talons are meant to puncture and slash.
            There is always lots of things to learn on a country property.
            Up here we are still only half way through winter, with cold and lots of snow.
            Enjoy your weekend!

  2. My guess would be a Red-Shouldered hawk. It is considered a raptor, but usually looks for smaller prey than humans. 😉… usually.

    1. Thank you, I got lucky that he stayed there for a bit. I didn’t have time to set up the tripod so this is the result of a shaky hand. It was a pretty sight to see though 🙂

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