1. hollandaise sauce/eggs benedict is THE standard by which I judge a restaurant that claims to do breakfast.

    yours looks amazing! thanks for sharing

    1. Funny, but mine too. It seems it is hard to find the classic Eggs Benedict these days. I went in to a place and they said they made it and came out Crab Eggs Benedict. Hated it, Sorry, but I love the classic. Tell me if you like the recipe if you try it. It is an easy one.

      1. I make Alfredo sauce from scratch every Friday for our Sabbath dinner. I’ve never made hollandaise but perhaps I’ll add it to my repertoire! Thanks for the recipe. Your recipe is the second recipe for hollandaise that I’ve seen this week. I feel like it’s a sign. 😊

  2. Great post
    Great post, Mrs. Shecky! Your Hollandaise Sauce recipe seems easy to make and versatile enough for a variety of dishes. I’m curious, can the sauce be made ahead of time and reheated or is it best to make it fresh every time?

    1. I make it fresh just because it isn’t that hard to do for me. However, it can be refrigerated in an airtight container for a couple of days and yes, it can be frozen up to a month. all of which I have done.

  3. love this

    This is a great recipe for Hollandaise Sauce! I have never thought to use it on vegetables before, but it sounds delicious. Have you tried it on any other unique dishes besides Eggs Benedict and asparagus?

    1. I have Johanna. It is close to a Bearnaise Sauce. Instead of adding water I add a bit of White wine and some herbs and shallots to meat dishes. It is very easy to do and such an easy recipe to play on 🙂

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