An Introduction

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am a storyteller with a camera just doing stuff in Sheckyville, our home.

I am Mrs. Shecky, aka Kathleen Jennette, a budding old bag who just does stuff because I worked my whole life and now I can relax and enjoy life. In particular, I like being in my kitchen and being in my garden. I am not a chef or a pro-gardener, I am just Mrs. Shecky at home. By no means am I successful at everything I do in the kitchen or garden but the learning curve for me is what it is all about… it kind of gets me hungry.

At Home: That is what this blog is all about. We bought 4.5 acres that are rolling hills a few years ago. It poses some challenges in landscaping but we are working with it and the 16 giant oaks which date back 400 years. We tore the house down to the studs and there it all began. The contractor walked off and we had to re-do everything he did… and so the story goes on.
A gardener of minis and many plants, a blogger of life’s crap-shoot, and just enjoying life here contributes to this blog. A share and tell the tale of sorts which somehow I fell into love doing.

Cooking: I am not a food snob. If you are a health nut this is your warning for this blog because I post what we eat and what tastes good for us. That is, with ingredients that hold the tale of time, and that does include fats, butters, creams, breads. I, however, do believe in balance and health, they kind of go together without being written about. The word is moderation but again, this is a blog and I post things I bake and prepare for others and post stories of what I cook for my husband and myself in no particular order and I do so just because I have a hankering to cook or bake it. That’s it, no excuses, just me being me because I like to do it.

Photography: I have had a camera in hand since the ’60s. I used to steal my brother’s brownie and that instant camera we all loved back when . I don’t like to miss a shot of the animals, flora & fauna, even snails and bugs, and of course food and that occasional selfie. No, I am not a selfie snob but my tanned feet look great!

Stuff: Now that we got that out of the way… In general, I do a lot of stuff. Some people might say I have a lot of time on my hands, but nope… I just do a lot of stuff…or maybe I really do have a lot of time, but I still do a lot of self-imposed stuff on top of the normal stuff, whatever that is you will see. That’s another reason why I blog, I like to journal life’s givings and you will find that stuff here and on my other 2 blogs which contain photo storytelling and ancestor/life storytelling. 365 Days and Tales From My Lens.

This is home at a place we call Sheckyville.
It is no different than anyone’s home, I just write about it. There’s a story in everything we do I believe so why not write about it.

Thanks for stopping in,

Mrs. Shecky
Storyteller With A Camera

365 Days

Tales From My Lens