~Frittata For Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner~


~From Mrs. Shecky’s Kitchen~

~Dulce De Leche~

Here’s a simple recipe from Mrs. Shecky’s Kitchen to you to take your sweet tooth into yummysville. Pour this tasty topping on breads and cakes for a really extra special desert and don’t leave out the ice cream either. This is so easy to make and for the price of one can of sweetened condensed…

~Squash Soup & Biscuits~

It is not hard to make soup out of squash but just in case you have never tried it, this is how easy it is. In fact, any Winter squash you wish to use and any liquid can be substituted here in this recipe. It is one of my *anything goes* recipes that is simple,…

~Mix The Mix #3~

Biscuits Biscuits straight from the box is sometimes a go-to in many households and same goes for here in Sheckyville and whether it is stated or not, they are baked more than most want to admit. With adding cheese, onions, and seasonings, box biscuits can be doctored to fit the palate of most anyone in…

~Orange Syrup~

Soft Boil From Mrs. Shecky’s Kitchen. Enjoy. Mrs. Shecky

~Banana Muffins~

One of the first things I learned to bake was banana bread. I have been baking it since I learned how to treat myself with homemade cakes and breads and love nuts in mine. My husband just to happens to love it too, but not so much with nuts. So I am giving you my…