1. It is my understanding from my mother that egg creams originally WERE made with raw eggs and cream, but finances during the Great Depression when she was a young girl made this too expensive, so soda fountains (like the ones seen on Happy Days) introduced the “phony egg creams.” Then during WW2, the ingredients became even harder to get due to rationing.
    The history channels suggest this may be incorrect, but I’m sticking with my Mom! 😁
    In my 20s, I would make a homemade “protein shake” every morning.
    Take a raw egg, whip it in a blender with milk and cream (mixed to consistency you enjoy) and flavoring of choice (chocolate if you insist 🙄). It IS delicious, especially if you add fruit, e.g. banana, strawberries, peach, etc..

    1. That’s the beauty of this one drink that is so interesting. I read that the cream was also noted as eggs back when because it was a “dairy” product also which is a strange thought. But finding all these stories on this drink is fascinating! I’d stick with your mom too if it was the perfect egg cream – she was there! I’m assuming that egg would froth it up really good!
      In my youth I got drunk on a couple of Harvey Wallbangers, in fact it was my 21st birthday. *It’s all coming back to me LOL*… Someone told me to put a raw egg in tomato juice with Tabasco sauce and drink it the next morning. I did. I recovered well but I’m not sure it was because that raw egg. Needless to say I’ve never had a Harvey Wallbanger since😄😏

      1. The name of THAT drink put me off when I was offered one. I bang into enough walls without help, thank you very much. 🤪😂

  2. I’ve never had one of those, either, so don’t feel bad. It sounds really good, though! Especially now that I know there’s no eggs in it. 😁

      1. Actually, I use Truvia in my coffee and occasionally on certain foods. It’s pretty darn good!

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