1. Maybe Coast Guard when it gets bad. But those that stay will have to stay when the waters are not able anymore. I think the Navy has taken leave out to sea also last I heard. It is so unpredictable. Just stay safe and hopefully the day will go by without a hitch. At least I am hoping so.

  1. Sheckyville is is my prayers daily, anyway, but specially as you face the storm.

  2. Wow, you must be in the boonies to use satellite for internet. Best of luck, make sure your bar oil is topped off! I used ATT for internet years ago in Michigan via a twisted pair of wires through the old phone system, it was not good and way overpriced.

    1. What is so uncannt about that statement is that we are in OC. One of the richest counties around and where we are they refuse to internet everyone here. So we resorted to getting our own wifi built into the house and now Starlink. We also have a generator which I hopes works tonight. They have a bad habit of shutting us down.

      1. I see, I’m not familiar with that area even though my ex was from Anaheim. It’s all about the with these cable companies. ☹️

        1. I know. I am done with them. Like you, ATT here was through the telephone wires. They only have a couple of miles to go underground but they didn’t… I am happy with Starlink. So far anyway. You take care. You are about to get a storm on.

          1. Thanks, I will. I suppose ATT will eventually abandon the underground wires. I follow a couple in Australia on Instagram that recently added Starlink to their catamaran they live on. They are at the Great Barrier Reef at the moment. They love it because they are like 200nm offshore!

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