1. Anita and I LOVE biscotti! Once on a visit to Venice, as we walked some alleyways near the canals, we suddenly smelled the sweetest vanilla in the air that we had ever experienced. 😋
    We literally followed our noses down a couple of alleys till we came to a small cafe, where only the owner adult son spoke a very little English. When he finally understood we had come because of the smell, he translated for his dad, and he and the 8-10 other guests laughed heartily at us.
    His Dad brought out several pieces of hot biscotti fresh from the oven, and glowed as we devoured his delicacies! And he gave us a bag of them to take as well, gratis. He absolutely refused payment!
    Italy, like most European countries, is best if you can get away from the touristy places.
    Now, you’ve inspired me to try out your recipe! I’ll let you know next week. 🤠
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    1. Ahhh! You had the original from the original biscotti! I’m, so jealous – I love the amaretto vanilla in it too! Yummm…. now you have also inspired me to put more flavors into mine too~

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