1. Oh dear. I just googled it it and it looks like the evacuation might have turned to mandatory. I will be anxiously awaiting your next post to see how you are doing… 🙏

    1. It did turn into a mandatory. Thank you for your concern. It was just crazy fast. The fire left this area pretty much at the hands of luck. We had a little damage, but not much. The town however is still closed off as far as I know and they are still shoveling out of 8 feet in places. We are due for rain next week again… ugh.

      1. I’m glad to hear your home didn’t have too much damage. Fires are crazy fast and really scary! We are survivors of the 2018 Paradise Camp Fire. I’m so sorry to hear that your town is closed and in the midst of disaster. Sending prayers and thoughts for strength and peace to you and yours! I’ll check in on you next week regarding more rain. Ugh. I’m so sorry you have to go through all this!

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