1. don’t be shy ’bout sharing this contractors details… others need to be forewarned…it’s funny, but i never pcture you sitting down (cept on luvmedo), you are one of the busiest peoples there are…

    1. I’d like to out him, but we are waiting to see if other remedies will be sought. Yelp is always a good in between but we are still looking at the board of contractors for now and insurance routes. It’s a crapshoot, but I am glad he is just gone. I had to laugh at the sit down… I really try to stay busy, like a job or something. I am afraid if I don’t move I will be stuck. Can’t have that 🙂

  2. If this was in the US, I would recommend legal action to collect damages from the contractor. I WAS a contractor and am embarrassed by incompetent, and more so, unethical contractors. The offender could have repaired this with just a day’s work.
    If this happened on my watch I would have done this repair, but also added a matching (or nearly so) leg under the repair.
    This should all be done at the contractor’s expense.

    1. I agree, but I was so sick of him by this time I never called him back. He was done and wont get a referral. I’m still considering a contractors board complaint. There was much more he did wrong too. You are one of the honorable few. I’m going to check out your link. Thank you so much!

      1. Well, I officially retired in Dec 2019 and am enjoying criticizing other GCs too much to get back into it! 😅. Always happy to give advice, though.

  3. Breaking it is bad enough, but not apologizing? Appalling.
    Cracks can be appealing in their own way. Reminds me of the Japanese art of dealing with broken pottery, Kintsugi. They put the pottery together using lacquer dusted with gold or silver. Turns something broken into something beautiful. Don’t know if it would work on your bench though 🙂

    1. Yes, I have used that method and do that to my precious china but this is very old antique marble. I think I’m going to try that epoxy method and just live with it.

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