1. Thank you Teresa. Photography has been a passion for decades and now with the post editing so available I am having fun with it. Thanks for stopping in!

  1. I remember her song, so sweet. Something from a better, vanished time. My buddies and I built many a tree fort in those days, one was even underground!

    1. Underground! Oh, I like that! I remember my Dad built a place to hide out during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Half in ground and half above. I helped him put the Campbell’s soup on the shelves. To this day I have to chuckle… All 8 of us crammed down there in a place no bigger than a closet. My mother would have killed us.

      1. Oh geeesh! I’m glad she never did! I think the shelters are still a good idea, but better for tornado and hurricane survival.

  2. I love old trees. They must know an awful lot that we don’t because they’ve seen it all and they’ll hopefully still be going strong long after we have left the planet.

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