~Frittata For Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner~


~From Mrs. Shecky’s Kitchen~

~Tis The Season~

Tis the season to decorate, of course eat and then make merriment. It is a bit different this year in Sheckyville, but we have gotten used to COVID restrictions and all we want now is to stay healthy and get rid of that nasty, deathly virus worldwide. We are doing our part and it is…

~Squash Soup & Biscuits~

It is not hard to make soup out of squash but just in case you have never tried it, this is how easy it is. In fact, any Winter squash you wish to use and any liquid can be substituted here in this recipe. It is one of my *anything goes* recipes that is simple,…

~Banana Muffins~

One of the first things I learned to bake was banana bread. I have been baking it since I learned how to treat myself with homemade cakes and breads and love nuts in mine. My husband just to happens to love it too, but not so much with nuts. So I am giving you my…

~Tomato Soup~

Need a bread to go with this? Try this one. Beer Bread! It’s delicious. Click on the photo to go to the recipe! Enjoy! Mrs. Shecky

~Maple-Bacon Cookies~

If you like a little bacon and maple in your cookie this one is it. With a crumbly texture the crunch of crispy bacon bits in each bite with luscious maple flavoring inside and out you won’t be sorry you baked these. Add a bit more of the maple extract to give it more intensity,…