1. Wonderful view, but I like more clouds. 😉
    Yesterday and today in Kentucky, we’ve had a beautiful cover of thick clouds without rain and temps in the low 60s! My kinda days!

    1. Oh, that’s perfect weather. Come Monday we are suppose to get another rain storm. Then two days after that up into the high 80s. Crazy weather.

      1. Kentucky has been and remains in the low 60s; about to turn our furnace on, but it’s reaching the 70s come Monday.
        But next week our highs are in the 50s so by Tuesday we’ll start burning some fossil fuels. 😔

          1. For our first 10 years here, we kept trying every year to leave, but Father kept closing the Exit doors.
            We resigned ourselves to living here and amazingly everything seemed to fall into place.
            There’s no better place to be than in the center of God’s will. 😉
            In the meantime, bracing for another very COLLLLD winter! 😁

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