1. Maybe a wood fence about the height of the taller wall, or a shorter wall with planters on top? You’ll lose the space, but something like the third fence down on this page could be aesthetically pleasing. https://www.knoxvillefencepros.com/wood-fencing-knoxville-tn.html
    Or if you are quite the green thumb, you might consider a “living wall:”
    In the meantime, don’t look at my alleged “landscaping!” Pretty basic.

    1. I wish. Those are both great ideas. The problem I’m having is threefold. 1. It’s not level. 2. Generators, in particular this one, shoots out incredible heat. So I don’t want a possible burn. 3. A few feet from that is an underground tank – septic so I can’t level and I need access.
      However… I’m thinking of that photo with pots. I can move those and dig them into the ground a bit for high winds. Great ideas!!

      1. I always had a generator back home in Michigan. When you live among corn fields, the powerlines out there are easily taken down by wind and trees and ice storms. I’ve been in Las Vegas 8 years now, I’ve never once had the elctricity go out, amazing.

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