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I spent the last couple of days prepping for sipping and sitting in the back side patio, which I lovingly call the “bowling alley”. It is very long and probably one of the hardest spaces I have had to decorate to get comfortable. It is the only place that has concrete and that is not a fave of mine. At the end of the day though, I think I am okay with it so far because I am not jack hammering this part up … yet. Either way the heat is coming and until the front porch and south side yard is done, this will be the walk-to. Right now I set it up for multiple seating arrangements. A little coffee cafe during the day and cozy enough for cocktail hour in the evening, or just pull up a seat and sit.

I think as soon as we can go shopping a few more outdoor carpets and more pots. I love the french country way of potting. This year I have the veggie garden in pots to the left because the other side of the house is, right now, being jack hammered and re-poured for a larger view deck. A few little happy flowers does me just fine for now though.

Some of the mini people were put into larger pots including the Old Lady In The Shoe who found a Lily to match her style.

Work still needs to be done and the rains are gone and the heat is on. Sheltering in is still in. So, Sheckyville is where we will be. The *Bowling Alley* is looking more comfy tonight to pull up a seat and sit.

Dig The Dirt & Stay Healthy,

Mrs. Shecky At Home In Sheckyville


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  2. TCast says:

    Nice comfortable chairs 👍🏼

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      With another cushion I think they will do for relaxing. Thanks!

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