Kitchen Essentials #2


I need one or two. No question about it. These are my two mixer must-haves for getting the mix-job done in Mrs. Shecky’s Kitchen.

The Hand Held Mixer

Mine. It is a little outdated but it works just fine.

Small sized, portable around the kitchen, and less expensive than stand mixers a hand held mixer is a convenience every kitchen should be equipped with. I use a hand held for light duty mixing, but they can be a mighty might too. Taking up minimal space they can be stored in a drawer or cupboard to save the counter area for other things and because they are portable, they can be used any place in the kitchen where there is a plug. When I was younger it was one of the first gadgets I bought when I left home at 17. Most hand mixers these days come with a basic whip attachment for whipping cream and liquids together, and many new ones have “turbo” speeds which zip into action at a higher and stronger speed for powering through thicker batters. Some even have dough hook attachments making them a good multipurpose tool. However you use it, the hand held mixer is a diverse machine and an essential in the kitchen.

The Stand Mixer

7 Qt. Kitchen Aid. The Queen of mixing in my kitchen.

Depending on your cooking style you can find a stand mixer that matches your needs in the kitchen from many manufacturers with a range of pricing. Most of them are powerful enough to handle any recipe or task. This 7qt Kitchen Aid sits in my kitchen and works like a charm. It doesn’t leave the counter and it turned out to be the best investment for my kitchen because I cook almost every day and love to bake. The stand mixers help with the muscle and because I am a budding old bag, I like that extra “muscle” at hand on a big mix day.

There are many attachments that are available for stand mixers depending on the maker. Pasta roller & cutters, juicers, shredders, grinders, grain mills and even ice cream maker attachments are available to purchase for the home cook. This one came with a shield, bowl, bread dough hook, whisk and mix attachment and, the side scraper-mixer attachment was bought on Amazon. They also come with a “tilt-head” or not. The one pictured here is not a tilt-head. Of course with all the colors, makers, and styles of mixers you can pick one that matches your kitchen.

Choose Wisely

**Babble: Make sure you do your research before you buy! There are so many manufacturers and makes and designs of mixers it can be confusing. Keep in mind your style of cooking and baking and then purchase what makes you more efficient in your kitchen. Just because someone says one product is better than the other doesn’t mean that product will work for you. Take your research to the elements in your kitchen and figure out what you need to have to be the best you are as a cook. I have the products above, but this post is for mixers so make sure you get what works for you and if you can, get to your home store and take a look at the products first before you buy. That way you have a hands on look-see and make sure there is a warranty coverage. Some stores will even cover the purchase for a certain amount of time while you take it home and use it to see if you like it. Ask questions. These purchases are not cheap, but a good product and warranty can last you several years of great cooking.

This is just a basic essential opinion so remember who you are in your own kitchen. Do what makes your kitchen work.

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  1. gc says:

    I use a hand mixer for “light duty” tasks in the kitchen but find that the high speed taxes the motor. This is a new mixer and when shifting from medium to high speed for a few seconds there is the smell of smoke. I was only mixing egg whites. What would have happened if I challenged the internal gears of this hard worker?

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Sorry I’m giggling a bit here, but if I were you, and it is new, take the thing back. It shouldn’t be smoking at all. If I was going to challenge those internal gears it would be for my pocketbook. Return it or use it for a lawn ornament. 😉

      1. gc says:

        Good advice. The thing is it was an Xmas gift and I thought it had more get up and go but that got up and went. Never look a gift horse in the mouth is the expression but the reality is to ride Shetland pony before you try to bronc ride. 🙂

        1. iammrsshecky says:

          *Can’t help but still have a little laugh.* Indeed, get a new one and be happy you got a test ride first. 🙂

  2. simplymarvia says:

    I normally use hand mixer….Def thinking about getting a stand mixer, less elbow grease

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Yes, I used a hand mixer for the longest time and never knew what I was missing. I think there’s a bit more cleanup on the stand mixer but well worth it.

  3. mariel says:


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