For the last couple of days we have been on red flag warnings. High winds are suppose to hit here tonight and with the fires in California it is a time to be on edge again. After getting the emergency things together I did some catch up in the garden to make myself feel normal. I do that so I won’t flip out. Little items on the stuff list were just the thing for that remedy, it wasn’t that hot today, and it really felt good to get stuff done before the electric gets shut off because of the wind. *They do that now in California-Fires*. It will be interesting to see if our new generator back up will kick in, if not, you will hear the screams from Sheckyville very unlike the Sound of Music, trust me.

Family Flamingo had more visitors today on Flamingo Hill. They flew in today from the Amazon truck. I hear more will be flying in soon… as always.

Flamingo Hill in Sheckyville is booming.

A Black Locust tree arrived also. This tree is known to have a fast growth which I want for the sides of this property. So I’m excited to see how this does before ordering others. *Let us throw a sprig of dirt over the left shoulder for good luck please*.

I also got some baking time in today and made banana muffins straight from Grandma’s recipe. I will post this yummy recipe after this fire warning goes by, but they are deliciousness from a recipe past. I also have a wonder thyme & lemon cookie recipe for you made with thyme and lemons from the garden . *I don’t seem to be losing any weight*.

Then there was collecting the seeds for next year’s Hollyhocks.

Hollyhock seeds are easy to gather for next year's beauty!
Hollyhock Seeds

Here are two pretty minis that popped up. This weather has just about done the flowers in but the minis are bright and still thriving in their pots.

…and this is the beginning of the undoing before the wind. Such is life.

So there’s a little *Stuff* from Sheckyville.

Stay Healthy, enjoy life.

Mrs. Shecky



  1. I love hollyhocks!!! Stay Safe and I hope the fires subside very soon!

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Thank you. The winds just kicked up so I’m crossing my Sheckyville toes!

      1. Yikes! Batten down them hatches and stay safe!

  2. John says:

    The photos seem familiar to me. The Flamingos photo is similar to my folks’ place up north. Your bread looks so deliciousness! The tiny rose is cute to me. My daughter would love it! 😊

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      I think everyone my age had a flamingo or two in the yard. I think that’s why I have this nostalgic sense for them in mine. They come with good memories. I’m not done yet either with them…

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