~The Beer Garden Crew~

Sometimes taking a walk around the gardens is worthy. I noticed a few things today.

This guy decided to pull up a seat and grab a beer right on top of the moss and stein.

Gotta love a sloppy gnome.

Here’s a fellow getting off work and heading toward the beer gardens. He’s trouble, I have seen him before in action there. Replanting wasn’t fun for me. They call him Jesse Gnome.

Here’s Levi. He’s been sitting all day on this bench. His wife is inside after a long day collecting honey with the bees. So now its time to flag down the Dragon Fly Uber to head out to meet his buddies at the Beer Gardens. I hope he gets home safe. She doesn’t like to be awakened and she has a ton of honey inside.

He’s thinking about going in on another beer but that leaf has his seat pretty comfy. With those ears he can probably hear the happenings in about an hour or so.

Last one tonight (there’s so many out now since COVID has let up a bit).
This one hit the lunch hour special of Nut Beer Ale for the price 1 Seed. He obviously threw back a few since seeds are in season right now.
I wonder if hanging in a leaf counter acts a hangover. *hmm, must try*

I happen to hear the suds cracking open and some happy giggles from the gardens now. More must have come while I was writing this post.
So I will see you all next Friday on the next Pull Up A Seat. Oh, and, what happens in the beer gardens… stay in the beer gardens. *wink*.

Dig the dirt and stay healthy.

Til next time…

Mrs. Shecky

Pull Up A Seat #38


  1. Love that little acorn lamp too 😉

  2. John says:

    Wonderful photos and narration! So fun! I just cracked open a cold one… 🍺

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Thanks John! We just had a quake, so I guess it’s time to go pop one myself ☺️

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