~A Kitchen Essential~

For Pull Up A Seat, I post my kitchen prep chair. Sometimes I need it just because I take a day or two for prep of fresh veggies or kitchen work for a get-together. It is nothing special except that it can go high or low and since I am short and old, this works great as one of my must have kitchen essentials. I get pooped sometimes and need to sit for longer preps.

It is simple contemporary but blends just fine to do the job.
When I’m done with it, it goes back into its little corner ready for the next time.

I would have had my pull up a seat post earlier however, thanks to AT&T, I had no internet. But it seems all is good now *hopefully* .

Til next time…

Mrs. Shecky

Pull Up A Seat


  1. XingfuMama says:

    I really like it’s simple lines.

  2. John says:

    I like the chair, it’s stylish. I have to sit sometimes because of my three herniated lower lumbar, they get cranky… 😂

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      I get it! 😁

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