~Happy 4th Of July America~

If anyone remembers, this log was cut from a tree cut down and now Mr. AmeriGnome has pulled up a seat for a few days to enjoy it.

Till next time,

Mrs. Shecky

#Pull Up A Seat


  1. XingfuMama says:

    Cute gnome on a charming rustic seat!

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Thanks! 🙂

      1. iammrsshecky says:

        He’s so spoiled, but after putting blanket down he fits perfectly 🙂

  2. Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Happy Fourth to you too!!

  3. Michelle says:

    Happy 4th of July!!

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Happy Fourth Michelle!

  4. anne leueen says:

    He looks comfortable there!

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      He might just want to hang out for a couple of extra days…

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