~Watch Dog~

Sometimes Mrs. Shecky has to escape and Mr. Murray gets to pull up a seat to go too. He has his own seat he pulls up in for travel.

His seat is made for dogs that need a boost. He has gone through a couple of them and other than his little stroller this is the best thing ever purchased for him. He gets a birds-eye view and feels a part of the ride.

This seat has come in handy. At dog furiendly places it gets plopped on a chair so he can sit in it and behave. Otherwise he will want to walk around and drive Mrs. Shecky crazy.

Snoozing on the job.

Just knowing he is comfy and cozy is everything. His little seat belt is connected to the human seat belt and that is another comfort.

So, thats pulling up a seat for this week.

Til next time,

Pull Up A Seat


  1. John says:

    He’s so cute! ❤️

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      He knows it too 😏

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