1. klara says:

    not something that I am used to eat. it looks delicious.

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      You aren’t alone. Many don’t like the tart cranberries but adding sweetness to them makes them very pleasing.

  2. I always make my aunt Patsy’s cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. About 5 years ago I had an idea to switch the water in the recipe with red wine. 👍 game changer!
    Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Shecky! I’m thankful for your blog!

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Oh yes, that is a good additional flavor! Thank you so much for coming over to read😊

  3. Debbie says:

    Looks tasty

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      It is Debbie. Great on a sandwich! 😊

  4. anne leueen says:

    I love cranberry sauce. I usually do mine on the stove and I also add orange! Delicious.

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      That orange makes it😊

  5. John says:


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