~A Spot For Tea~

A short one for Pull Up A Seat.

It is now porch time to pull up a seat and relax after decorating. Mrs. Shecky is now officially done putting up the lights and decor and now, officially pooped…

The two chairs have come in handy over the last couple of years. And out of the weather they are perfect for that cup of Jo or Tea or Drinkypoo.

The porch is the most favorite spot for Mrs. Shecky. It is covered and comfy and right by the door ready for her to scram inside if she has too.

Short and sweet, I hope you have that comfy spot to pull up a seat during this holiday season for your own comfort and joy. Happy Holidays to you.

Til next time,

#Pull Up A Seat


  1. XingfuMama says:

    So cozy and festive.

  2. Spots like this are paradise for the soul. Enjoy that beverage!

  3. Teresa says:

    Beautiful pillows.

  4. I think I need plaid throw pillows…

    1. They come real inexpensive after the holidays. That’s when I go shopping. 😁

  5. anne leueen says:

    Happy Holidays to you too! Enjoy your tea!

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