~Tea Walks #8~

It is the end of the year and the end of this year’s Tea Walk. This time we are tea touring in the house because it is wet and muddy and cold outside at this writing. So Mrs. Shecky is taking you around for the last of the holiday decorations as a little tea tour.

This is Mrs. Shecky’s tea cup for the season and we start off with a little breakfast with that cup of tea. You can click on the picture and get the recipe for the frittata if you like and have an easy meal too with your own cup of tea. Anyway, that was given to Mrs. Shecky by her father and it is used daily during this season. It holds exactly 6 oz and the saucer is perfect for the spillage that Mrs. Shecky never can avoid.

This cactus has been hanging in it’s same container for 5 years now and the bloom was very pretty. It gets a couple of good blooms a year. It is time for a container change soon.

It is hard to get rid of ornaments that break if they still have a pretty to it, so the ornaments have a special place to rest and still can be seen until eventually they get broken up for a mosaic or something. Sometimes, they just get tossed in the trash. The count is only 3 so far…

The Ornament Graveyard

The red berries off the Hawthorne have taken their place in the house. After cutting them down they are put in a bucket of water and then they go into vases from there. Most get used unless there is a bad one that got caught in the bunch. The red is a favorite color this time of year. It is as simple as adding red to a space to make it festive for the season.

Mrs. Shecky likes to use little vintage items for different things. One little tip is to use candle stick holders to show off ornaments. Just place them in/on the holder and put them around the house. These are used here in Sheckyville throughout the year for occasions that need a little shine.

Old vintage ashtrays are great to use too. Some from the past were very ornate and can be found in second hand shops. No, here at Sheckyville, we do not allow smoking.

The tea cup went to the table in the family room. This is where some old family Christmas books sent from her Grandparents are. They are fun to read and beautiful in their old vintage bounds.

On the same table is another tip Mrs. Shecky uses all year around. She just changes the faux book out for each season. It is wonderful to hide the junk and remotes.

Then we have the Nutcrackers. The tea cup took the rounds to that collection A favorite of Mrs. Sheckys.

The mantle is doing double holiday duty set up for New Years also in gold and blue.

We do take a turn outside where the Grinch is. He is stomping on the poinsettias. Hopefully these will get planted and grow nicely if Mrs. Shecky has her way.

Then there are some left over pics.

Thank you all for joining in on the last Tea Walk/Tour of the year. It was a long one even from the inside and I hope you come for next year’s.

Happy Holidays, however you celebrate!

From Sheckyville,


  1. I feel like it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a poinsettia. We have that and a tiny potted evergreen to try and keep alive this year!

    1. Yes! I have a friend who plants hers and they grow big and are beautiful this time of year. I have failed at growing them, but will try with this bunch again.

  2. Love all the great vintage decor. The Grinch is a particularly cool piece!

    1. He’s was a good find, I, like everyone, have collected ornaments and I am glad most have survived all these years. It is fun to bring them all out 🙂

  3. John says:

    You have so many fun decorations! ❤️

    1. Decades of them 😊

  4. Whaaat?? I have glass candlesticks like those, in a box, not my style (and yet, I still have them). And glass balls from Mt. St. Helen’s ash. I’m digging them out. Thank you!

    1. Yes! Use them 😃

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