~Pulled, Plucked, & Pooped

Is it Wordless Wednesday? Could be, but after working on pulling out the old and refreshing for the past week, we have high winds… again. That’s makes a semi-wordless day. So let’s see how it looks now and then next week I get to post the afters.

Am I wordless, no. Am I speechless… well maybe.

From Sheckyville where the never ending winds happen.


  1. capost2k says:

    Someone once called my Wordless Wednesday blogs “more like 2000 Word Wednesday!” 😄

    1. You always make me laugh. It’s like a kid being told “don’t touch that”. 🤣

  2. I miss CA weather! At least 6 more weeks of winter for us 🥶

    1. There’s a love-hate relationship to it. Being in Southern California now I really miss the snow.

      1. 😂 “grass is always greener” I guess!

  3. John says:

    Lovely photos, and it’s super windy in Vegas too this morning. It was blowing when I went to bed last night too. Never ending winds!

    1. I was wondering that. It gets really windy there too!

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