~Shaggys In Sheckyville~

After the last post of mushrooms popping up, there was a curiosity to find out whether or not the little earthling mushrooms were edible. Sheckyville Rule is a strict one: Don’t touch if Mrs. Shecky doesn’t know. But out of curiosity Mrs. Shecky thought, “maybe?” So, off to the www book of knowledge to find out – Google.

It seems what is growing here in Sheckyville are ‘Puffballs’. There are all sorts of edible varieties, however, Sheckyville doesn’t have that edible variety. They can vary in size and do not have a ‘cap’ as other mushrooms do. They are puffy and my puffballs have a stalk.

The name of Sheckyville’s variety? False Shaggy Mane. *sounding a little like Betty White on –Saturday Night Live*

They are interesting, non edible, and seems to like the yard. Now, what to do with them?

Mrs. Shecky has Shaggys in Sheckyville. Say that 10 times.

Enjoy your garden!

I posted a link to the Saturday Night Live show featuring Betty White. It reminded me of this when I researched and discovered the name. Go figure. If you haven’t seen it, just sit and watch. It is very funny and if those that have tenderness for the comedy aspect, don’t watch, it is meant in jest only.


  1. So cute!! That’s a fun discovery to make and to admire.

    1. Yes, and they are new to me here.

  2. John says:

    Edible puff balls grew on my old property in Michigan, a friend of mine pulled them up, took them home and cooked them on the stove! I never tried it…

    1. Interesting. I never knew about them until they started sprouting. Evidently, according to Google, if they are white inside and not yellowed or darkened and without a stem some are edible. I haven’t seen those here. I wonder if they are geographic then?

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