1. capost2k says:

    Redoing our shower floor this next week. Not sure if I want to blog on it or not! It has been trying. 😏

    1. It wasn’t easy, but doable. One of the doors got stuck on the run above and I had to take that off first with a balancing act. Luckily these doors are tempered and just shattered in bits, but some older ones may not be. It was a mess indeed.

      1. capost2k says:

        We avoided putting doors on our shower by making it just a walk-in, but it still splashes outside the shower. 😔 Poor planning on my part.

        1. DIYs in training I call myself.

    2. They aren’t as easy as You Tube says they are… gadzzz!

      1. capost2k says:

        Umm, but I am (was) a house builder and have done many. 😉

        1. The shower doors were stuck and heavy. First time ever doing that. Probably last too 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m glad you’re okay too! Ouch! 🩹

    1. It really didn’t hurt, but my pride was. I was just so mad I wasn’t prepared enough and didn’t think ahead, but now I know.

  3. Aimer Boyz says:

    LOL! I bet you did say a lot more 🙂
    Glad you weren’t seriously hurt.

    1. Thanks, never a next time either… ugh

  4. John says:

    Ouch! I am glad that you weren’t gashed! 😪

    1. Me too John. I wasn’t thinking obviously, but now that I know I could have been a lot safer indeed.

  5. Author says:

    whoa. Crazy. glad you’re all right. Jillian

    1. Yes, it is done but I sure am an example of what not to do…

      1. Author says:

        For sure.

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