For Pull Up A Seat we have the new refinished shower which will be nice to use once Mrs. Shecky gets the vanity pulled. That vanity is causing her problems so a handyman might just come in handy *I suppose that’s why they are called handymen* 😉

The featured image is the new refinish job and all that is needed is hardware. Shower door is yet to be determined until the vanity gets the heck out of there so Mrs. Shecky can eyeball the space. More to come on that vanity after tomorrow on delivery. We are hoping it will fit through the hallway doors. Mrs. Shecky did measure, let’s see how good she was at that…News at 11…

Sometime today movers will be rolling in. It will be nice to get out of the RV mode.

Til next time…


  1. On the move!!

    1. Getting there😀

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