1. I use a hand mixer for “light duty” tasks in the kitchen but find that the high speed taxes the motor. This is a new mixer and when shifting from medium to high speed for a few seconds there is the smell of smoke. I was only mixing egg whites. What would have happened if I challenged the internal gears of this hard worker?

    1. Sorry I’m giggling a bit here, but if I were you, and it is new, take the thing back. It shouldn’t be smoking at all. If I was going to challenge those internal gears it would be for my pocketbook. Return it or use it for a lawn ornament. 😉

      1. Good advice. The thing is it was an Xmas gift and I thought it had more get up and go but that got up and went. Never look a gift horse in the mouth is the expression but the reality is to ride Shetland pony before you try to bronc ride. 🙂

    1. Yes, I used a hand mixer for the longest time and never knew what I was missing. I think there’s a bit more cleanup on the stand mixer but well worth it.

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