~Mr. Murray Pulls Up A Seat~

This week for Pull Up A Seat it is all about Mr. Murray. Sometimes, in fact, a lot of times, Mr. Murray likes to pull up a seat too. For instance, when he wants to snack. He will pull up next to me and sit.


Or when we go for a ride in the car. He has a great car seat that he loves because he can pull up a seat and ride shotgun. Then he can see everything around him. He also likes it because the air conditioner hits him

Then there is this. He likes to pull up a seat in one of his beds and give me the stink eye until I throw his ball. As old as he is, he still likes to chase the ball. You can tell it has some wear and tear on it. He won’t take a new one, we have tried.

One of his favorite things (although all of these are his favorites) he likes to have a Mr. Murray Mooch pic taken for Instagram whenever I eat dinner. He just poses and poses…

He will pull up a seat and just wait…

But one of my favorite things is this…

Mommy and Me Time.

…when he uses me as his lounge chair.

Til next time.

Mrs. Shecky

Pull Up A Seat #18


  1. XingfuMama says:

    That is one comfortable looking pup.

  2. dahliaramone says:

    Awww! He’s adorable

  3. akolzol says:

    So cute

  4. Michelle says:

    He’s just too cute!!!

  5. He’s soooo cute!!!! πŸ’™πŸΎπŸΎπŸ’™

  6. Thank you cute little darling πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  7. Teresa says:

    Awwww too cute!

  8. ghostmmnc says:

    Awww Murray is a sweetie! πŸ™‚

  9. John says:

    He’s just sooo sweet! Please give him a hug for me. πŸ₯°

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      He loves hugs, I will πŸ™‚

  10. Robert J Jr. says:

    Mr Murray is so cute!

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Thank you Robert! πŸ™‚

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