~It’s A Seasonal Thing~

This time of year and season is the beginning of relaxation a bit. The Summer heat will dwindle away and Mrs. Shecky can finally pull up a seat to enjoy the work of Spring and Summer. Even though the work never ends, this time of year has a much more relaxed feel with holiday decorations and baking in the kitchen. *Mrs. Shecky finds those things relaxing and not a ‘to do’.*

Pillows are an item that are easily changed out for the seasons in Sheckyville and can give a new look any time of the year. It is a seasonal thing here and part of the relaxation. Sewing a few pillow covers is a relaxing past time also.. It is easy to do throughout the year and then just putting them away until wanted. That leaves a nice surprise when the season arrives because Mrs. Shecky often forgets she has them tucked away…

This pillow is one found in the cupboard. She did not sew it but she liked enough to buy it. *Mrs. Shecky obviously likes the pumpkin time of year, they are every where*.

Here’s a big velvet pumpkin on the blue couch with a favorite velvet fringed pillow.

Pillows are easy and they are perfect for a quick change and mood for the season. Throw a pumpkin in the mix too *wink*.

Happy October,

Pull Up A Seat


  1. XingfuMama says:

    Love the pillows. A great way to add a seasonal pop…and a pop of cheerful fun as well.

  2. Pumpkins and pillowcases – sounds like a Jefferson Airplane number 🙂

    1. iammrsshecky says:

      Haha! Yes, it could be😁

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